“Music is important for one’s health,” he said. (Love in the Time of Cholera)

– Gabriel García Márquez


Music in the time of corona.

The 21st century with its incredible technological progress enabled us to attend “online” concerts, “live-stream” events and similar. Thanks.

Nevertheless, at the first possibility we are all happy to return to the “offline” experience. It is simply not the same ..

Thus, top performers with a diverse program will again sound under the canopy of larch trees or on the renovated, museum-arranged barn of the Medved Homestead in Podkum.

In the concerts all the prescribed rules of social distancing will be observed.


14.7.2020 – Ouverture

31.7.2020 – Beethoven

7.8.2020 – Paris

4.9.2020 – Harmony


Cordially invited!



Marko Zupan,

Artistic director of International Music Festival “Ursus”